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Coral Web Solutions specialises in creating tailored digital solution for a wide range of businesses. Website design and developement, EDM and Email templates, customised social media pages and digital marketing strategies. Our expertise include:

Website Design and Development

Does your website effectively represent your business online? Does it deliver you the results you desire?

Making sure your website effectively represents your business online and delivers maximum return can be challenging. To keep a step ahead of the competition a site should be well designed, well structured, and most importantly optimised for the search engines so your target audience will find you.

At Coral Web Solutions we are experienced in developing top end websites as well as more targeted micro-sites. If your website needs redeveloping, if you wanta new site all together, or if you just want to discuss possible options then contact us.

Social Media & Online Marketing

If you want to have a custom Facebook page, a Twitter profile that stands out or some catchy EDM or email templates then please contact us and we can talk you through our services.

A customised Facebook page or Twitter profile can be highly effective addition to a campaign, or purely as a support to a businesses online presence.

Whatever the level of engagement you are looking to achieve Coral Web Solutions can discuss your social media requirments to find an effective solutions.

Coral Web Solutions is run and owned by Jerry Nott, who has been creating digital solutions since 1999. He spent over 10 years working at Hewlett Packard, EDS, General Electric and Smiths Aerospace, during which he has sucessfully created some ground breaking systems and digital solutions.

In 2009 Jerry started freelance work for several digital agencies that focussed on creating innovative solutions for smaller businesses. With these experiences and technical nous Jerry decided to open Coral Web Solution in 2011.

Jerry is a highly competent and artistic website designer and developer who has happily met and consistently exceeded the expectations of big clients such as GE and IBM. At the same time he has spent time understanding the needs of smaller businesses where he has managed to provide equally excellent results.

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